The Fire of Life

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Why go to law school when Eric can add supernatural conspiracy to his resume?

The new college year starts off innocently enough for the introvert sophomore until he awkwardly trips over his feet for a hot redhead name Bria. However, walking down that disastrous path leads to consequences his freshman year didn't even remotely prepare him for.

Not the girl's fault, though.

Faes has plans for Eric, and they expect him to play even if it costs him his life.

Welcome to the Fiery Soul Universe!


About Fiery Soul

The series is an Urban Fantasy that focuses on Eric and Bria, which includes an array of characters and conspiracies in the supernatural world. Pyromancers, shifters, and vampires oh my! Of course, a supernatural story isn't complete without the Fae getting involved, which is integral to the plot.

Current Status: Editing 2nd draft of "The Fire Of Life," Fiery Soul Book 1


About Dana Haywood

Dana Haywood is a short story author, urban fantasy novelist, and a doctoral tutor (with a Doctorate in Information Technology). He has works coming soon to Amazon with The Fire Of Life, the debut novel for the Fiery Soul series. When not concentrating on writing exercise or delving into fantasies, he is educating minds as a Doctor of Information Technology. Between those, he is often playing role playing games, which he draws inspiration for in his writing ventures. 


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